About Us

Who is Sturgis CrossFit?

Sturgis CrossFit was established in October of 2013, with a lot of excitement and anxiousness. Before we could officially open our doors, winter storm Atlas hit and destroyed the building on Main Street. Flex Fitness and Sturgis CrossFit were in need of a new home. We were able to move our location to Vanocker Dr. in December and for the next couple of years we worked hard to build a solid foundation. In August of 2016, we were blessed with the opportunity to build a much larger, 6,000 sq.ft. building, at our new location on Pine View Drive.


We started from small beginnings with big hearts. But don’t let our small beginnings underwhelm you. Fast forward to now and you will see our hard work is paying off. We were just voted the Best Box in the Black Hills! We have the most amazing members that create a community that is unbeatable. Our coaches have a fire that burns bright to help people. This means they will meet each member where they are (at any fitness level) and walk beside them toward their goals.


Our passion for teaching and dedication to the success of our members and coaches, has led to the creation of one of the most genuine strength and conditioning CrossFit training facilities in the state.


At Sturgis CrossFit, you’re going to find a group of people that are like minded, encouraging, tough, positive, welcoming, and have decided easy is no longer an option. You won’t find a Box quite like ours. Everyone here wants you to succeed and is willing to help you in any capacity they can. We can’t do it for you, that’s your part, but we can be your support system, your accountability partner, the best hour of your day, the place where you get to focus on you.